The ITIL Software Scheme

Presentation - Through the Cabinet Office, the APM Group has set up an ITIL Software Scheme which permits programming instrument sellers to acquire support for an ITIL-based device. Support permits instrument sellers to hold a substantial Trade Mark License and utilize the Process Compliant identification.

How the plan functions - The plan works through Licensed Software Assessors whereby programming device sellers apply to have an instrument evaluated with a specific end goal to get a proposal.

Authorized Software Assessors are free appraisal bodies, giving suggestions to APM Group on the devices surveyed. Apparatuses will be evaluated by qualified industry specialists who must meet the criteria as set by APM Group.

The ITIL Software Scheme
The ITIL Software Scheme

Programming device merchants are welcome to apply to any Licensed Software Assessor so as to get their support.

It would be ideal if you see the Licensed Assessors page for additional data.

Authorized Software Assessors survey programming apparatuses in light of one of three levels: Bronze, Silver or Gold, and 100% consistence to the ITIL forms that the device cases to be consistent with. If it's not too much trouble see additional data on the Mandatory Assessment Criteria here. The three levels of appraisal are as per the following:

ITIL Process Compliant Gold

Item (counting procedures and client documentation) has a minimum three "underway" clients that have actualized and are utilizing the item and are cheerful to reference that they are utilizing the device to computerize the evaluated procedure as per ITIL. Confirmation of client usage of the examined item from the client (letter-headed paper) supporting their utilization of it is required with no less than one bit of client prove. Evidence should express that they have the instrument conveyed underway and they are utilizing the apparatus to mechanize the evaluated procedure as per ITIL.

ITIL Process Compliant Silver

Item (counting procedures and client documentation) has no less than three "underway" clients. Evidence of item arrange by client on letter-headed paper is required (qualities might be blanked out) expressing that the apparatus, including right form, is sent underway.

ITIL Process Compliant Bronze

Item, procedures and client documentation have passed the evaluation.

For the reasons for the ITIL Software Scheme, clients are outsider clients. Any number of ITIL procedures can be surveyed and a similar instrument can be evaluated on various levels.

The Process Compliant Badge

The ITIL Software Scheme offers a logo to everybody that the Cabinet Office grants with support and ensuing Trade Mark permit. The logo consolidates the prominent whirl picture, alongside the ITIL Trade Mark with wording to affirm that the item has been properly authorized by the Cabinet Office.

  • Advantages to instrument merchants
  • The capacity to exhibit quality-evaluated programming for consistence to ITIL Best Practices;
  • Ease of use confirmation for end clients;
  • Utilization of the Process Compliant Badge.